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The basics of traumatic injury


A traumatic injury is a one time event or series of events, causing injury, which take place over no more than one shift. The most common types of traumatic injuries include: motor vehicle accidents; falls; lifting injuries; quick movements and over exertion. In most instances, you usually know that you hurt yourself at the moment the injury occurs.

You should immediately contact a supervisor and file a Form CA-1 which acts as a notice of injury and a request for compensation. If the claim is accepted, you will be entitled to continuation of pay for the first 45 days. You should also request a form CA-16 which insures payment of your medical bills, including diagnostic testing, for the first 60 days. Your failure to request the form in the first 7 days will void your eligibility, so be sure to ask for it during your notice to your employer.

The OWCP must begin payment of wage loss benefits after the 45 day period of COP unless the claim is denied. The claims examiner who receives your case will be interested to compare your description of the events surrounding your injury to those provided by any witnesses. The claims examiner will also compare your account of the facts to your description of the accident given to medical providers who offer treatment for your injuries. It is important that you are consistent with your description of the events of your accident or you risk denial of your claim.

If the claim is accepted, and you use the first 60 days of paid medical treatment wisely, you should be able to establish the medical necessity for treatment and the ongoing need for wage loss benefits, if necessary. If you have additional questions on traumatic injury please e-mail me at Steve@theOWCPattorney.com or call us toll free at 877-655-2667.

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