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Law offices of Stephen Barszcz Disability Lawyer

Social Security Disability Lawyer


Receive MONTHLY PAYMENTS and MEDICAL INSURANCE into your 60s, if approved.

Do I Qualify?

1. Any employee from the public or private sector,

2. Unable to perform even a sit-down type of job for 40 hours a week on a regular basis may qualify for Social Security disability.

Which One Are You?

We have found that most of our clients approved for Social Security disability arrived there in one of two ways:

1. a one-time event, illness or injury, like a car accident, surgery or disease prevented them from working on a regular basis


2. an accumulation of one or more injuries or illnesses combined over time to make it nearly impossible to continue working on a regular basis.

Many people try to work through illnesses and injuries because they have bills to pay and they don’t know whether or not they would qualify for Social Security disability. it is important to call a Social Security disability lawyer early on in the process to determine your chances of prevailing on your Social Security disability claim.

Factors Considered by Social Security

The Social Security Administration examines a great many factors for each individual claim. Those factors include: age; education; present and prior work experience; transferable skills. the main analysis of the disability claim involves an examination of the injuries and illnesses alleged by the applicant that affect ongoing ability to work. the applicant must establish disability by utilizing the medical records and opinions of the physicians to identify diagnoses that meet a medical listing under the guides or establish disability through the sequential process relied upon by the Social Security Administration.

Types of Diagnoses That Qualify

A partial list of the types of conditions considered in the disability process include:
Spinal disorders Arthritis Hand disorders Foot disorders
Knee disorders Hip disorders Poor vision Poor hearing
COPD Heart disease High blood-pressure Fibromyalgia
Obesity Diabetes Strokes Schizophrenia
Depression Bipolar disorder Anxiety disorder Cancer
Chronic pain syndrome Headaches Attention deficit disorder Carpal tunnel syndrome

The establishment that the injury or illness exists is usually only half of the fight. in most instances, disability is secured by the attorney by showing HOW the diagnosed conditions have impacted the applicant’s functional abilities at work and at home and HOW they qualify for a determination of disability.

We have obtained disability for individuals suffering from physical injuries, psychiatric injuries, disease and illness. Often times, we secure disability for the applicant by explaining how a combination of diagnosed conditions prevent the individual from working and how they meet the guidelines of disability.

Your claim for disability is usually established by showing how the diagnosed conditions impact your activity over a period of time. We utilize physician evaluation and treatment notes, surgical reports, physical therapy updates, rehabilitation analysis and clinical studies. the experienced Social Security disability lawyer coordinates appointments with the appropriate specialists, along with necessary testing, to support injuries and illnesses, which affect day-to-day activity and ability to work. the experienced lawyer also explores how those injuries or illnesses affect other functions of daily life.

The determination of whether or not an individual meets the standards for Social Security disability is complex and very specific to your particular situation. an experienced SSD lawyer understands the facts, the issues, the law and how best to put your claim in the most favorable light to achieve the goal of an approval for Social Security disability

Minimum Requirements

1. ADMINISTRATIVE – Worked and paid into the system.

2. MEDICAL – Meet the medical requirements for disability under Social Security Guidelines.

If you have worked and paid into the Social Security system, you probably qualify for the ADMINISTRATIVE requirement. Generally, you are administratively eligible to apply for Social Security disability and a determination of medical qualification if you have accumulated 40 quarters (10 years) of work with at least 20 quarters (5 years) performed within the last 10 years. if you have not worked enough quarters, you may still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). You can contact us for the specifics on your case.

The MEDICAL requirement is where the in-depth analysis is applied by Social Security. Your medical evidence must show that you are incapable of working on a full-time basis over the last 12 months or in the upcoming 12 months. Your illnesses or injuries must either meet a medical listing or you must be successfully shown to pass through the sequential analysis of disability. This medical requirement applies to both Social Security Disability applicants and Supplemental Security Income applicants.


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The Application and Appeal Process


You must apply for benefits either online at or at your local Social Security Administration office. if you are able to apply online, you can do so without delay. if you choose to apply at your local Social Security office, either in-person or by telephone, you will be provided with an appointment date, which will put you behind the online applicant who just applied.

We always recommend that you complete your application online, if possible, so that you get your application in before the less informed who have made an appointment to be seen two or three weeks down the road. Filing an application for Social Security disability is like getting a number at the deli line. the person who applies first is evaluated first.

If you are unable to apply online, you should take the first opportunity to call your local Social Security Administration office and make an appointment for an in-person interview or a telephone interview, so that you are in front of those who have not yet done so.

What is considered in the application for disability?

The application for disability is the first step in establishing your claim for disability. Don’t be intimidated. the application asks questions about you. Those questions include your education, work experience, medical condition and the treatment that you receive for those conditions. it is important to complete the application with as much detail as possible, so that your claim may possibly be considered for approval, as written.

Often times, you will be contacted by the Disability Determination Service (DDS) for additional information or for the purpose of scheduling an appointment to be evaluated by a physician chosen by Social Security. the government will pay for any examination that they set on your behalf. the physician or physicians that you see will not provide treatment, but rather will evaluate your claim and supply a report to Social Security for consideration.

It has been our experience that physicians asked by Social Security to examine applicants usually don’t provide the most favorable opinions on your claim. as your Social Security disability lawyer, I will have access to review that report and I will work with your physicians to counter any damaging opinions that might be provided by the one-time government examining physicians.

It is extraordinarily important that we work with your treating physicians to develop a theme for your injuries, your treatment and your claim. the judge must understand that your treating physicians are in the best position to know all about you and your claim. it is your physician opinions that should be the most informed and thorough to ensure that they are the determining factor in having your claim approved.

Request for Reconsideration

If your application for disability has already been denied, you must submit your Request for Reconsideration within 60 days of the date of the denial. Your failure to submit your appeal on a timely basis will result in your entire claim being kicked out of the system. Based on the time factors in your claim, it is possible that you may be barred from ever reapplying.

It is Very Important to Contact a Lawyer Immediately Once You Receive a Denial in Your Claim.

An attorney will file the appropriate appeal on a timely basis, while providing the additional documentation that you may have missed or did not address in your initial application.

Request for Hearing

If you have received a denial to your Request for Reconsideration, you must request a hearing and submit your additional documentation within 60 days of the date of the denial. at this point, the Social Security Administration has denied your claim on two occasions. Either you have a losing claim or you require the services of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer to turn it into a winning claim.

It is Very Important to Contact an Attorney Immediately Once You Receive a Denial in Your Claim.

It is vitally important to obtain the services of an experienced attorney to prepare your claim for hearing. Both you and your physicians must be prepped for your upcoming hearing. up to this point, the Social Security Administration has determined that your claim does not meet their standards for disability. it will be important to obtain legal insight from your attorney and develop the medical, so that your claim can be approved by the Social Security Administration.

Attorney Fee

After we secure the victory in your claim, the Social Security Administration provides our office with a portion of the past due benefits that we secured on your claim.

Why Steve?

I am highly successful at winning Social Security disability claims. I love to do this stuff and I love to help people. You will deal directly with me throughout your claim and I will be with you at your Hearing, no matter where you live. I do that at no additional cost to you. Contact an experienced Social Security disability lawyer today, we can help you.

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