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Monthly Archives: November 2022


Can I Combine Illnesses Or Injuries To Meet The SSDI Disability Requirement?

By Stephen Barszcz |

There are many different kinds of health situations in which a person might have multiple diseases or conditions, or might have sustained more than one kind of injury. Together, these conditions might be preventing a person from working, but that person might be unsure about whether they qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)… Read More »

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Can I Appeal My SSD Denial?

By Stephen Barszcz |

Experiencing a disabling injury or being diagnosed with a disabling medical condition is extremely difficult for anyone, and it is important to begin the application process for Social Security Disability benefits if you are eligible. Yet for many disabled adults, after going through the complex application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, they… Read More »

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Do I Need To Avoid Bankruptcy To Keep My Assets?

By Stephen Barszcz |

Many misconceptions exist about the consumer bankruptcy process, and it can be difficult to know what is accurate and what is part of a common bankruptcy myth. One question that debtors often have about the possibility of filing for bankruptcy is whether they need to explore alternatives if they want to be able to… Read More »

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Common Reasons For SSDI Denials

By Stephen Barszcz |

When you have suffered a debilitating injury or you have been diagnosed with a debilitating condition, you may have immediately moved forward with filing an application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits only to be denied. If you were denied SSDI benefits, it is important to know that you are certainly not alone…. Read More »

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